Review “Good Girls Lie” by J.T. Ellison


By J.T. Ellison

Not only is this author amazing, but this is one book that had me thinking back to the roots of my own small hometown where a private school was the site of many secrets.

In this unforgettable tale, readers head to the small town of Marchburg, Virginia, and enter the halls of The Goode School which is a prestigious prep school known as a “Silent Ivy.” Inside the walls of this institution are daughters of the wealthiest and most influential families. The school states that it accepts only the best and the brightest, even though the “biggest pocketbook” will also be taken aboard. But, like the other grand historic names, it is an elite school with traditions that prepare young women to one day graduate and move on to universities in, yes, the Ivy League.

However, there is now a “dark seed” that’s gotten through the walls of this prestigious place and seeks nothing more than to poison every elite mind it finds. The students shown in this book are actresses who know how to give off “appearances” in order to hide their own secret societies from prying eyes. But their futures may just crumble when a very popular student is found murdered; a crime that will not be swept under the carpet no matter how many rumors are spread that the girl took her own life.

Friendships built on lies, a school that may look special but is truly the Tower of Babylon shaking on its foundation – every facet this author weaves will have you chilled to the bone. Out of all the books you choose to read, make sure this is the one you do not overlook.

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