Review “Genesis” by Robin Cook

review by robin cook

Review “GENESIS” by Robin Cook

Every time a new Robin Cook comes out, the thrill automatically sets in. After all, this MD didn’t become a New York Times bestselling author and create all the books he did by simply being “good.” With this title, Cook takes one of those constantly-talked-about subjects and creates a medical thriller that shows readers out there why he is still among the very “best.”

Using his already beloved characters, Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery, a mystery involving taking DNA from an ancestry website in order to catch a killer, comes to life. It begins the second Kera Jacobsen’s body shows up on Montgomery’s autopsy table. This victim was a 28-year-old social worker and, at first sight, looks like she’s taken her own life through a drug overdose. Of course, Montgomery is the best in her business and doesn’t just settle for “face value” when it comes to finding out the cause of death.

She and her new pathology resident, Dr. Aria Nichols, uncover all kinds of mysterious information. Not only do the people closest to Kera state emphatically that she never touched drugs during her lifetime, but oddly enough the administrators from the hospital where the victim worked are insisting that this entire thing be swept under the carpet. In addition, the dead woman was ten weeks pregnant, yet no one knows who the father could possibly be.

A new technique to find out more comes into play when Aria suggests using genealogic DNA databases to track down players in this case who have a need to stay shrouded in silence. But as things progress, another social worker is murdered and the answers need to be found even quicker…before the killer strikes again.

Cook can once again claim to be the “master” of the medical thriller!

Review “Genesis” by Robin Cook


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