Review “Sealed Off” by Barbara Ross


By Barbara Ross

There’s no business like a family-owned business. Just ask Julia Snowden, part-owner of the Snowden Family Clambake Company in scenic Busman’s Harbor, Maine. Julia left her high-powered job in New York City to return home to Maine and put her financial expertise to work in the family business. After a rocky start in her new position, the business is now turning a profit, and Julia’s romantic life now includes her new love, Chris Durand. Things are looking great for Julia, both professionally and personally.

The Snowden Family Clambakes take place on Morrow Island close to Windsholme, the now abandoned mansion that has been in Julia’s family for generations. Because the business is doing well, plans are now underway to restore the mansion to its former splendor, so the family can live there during the summer months. As the summer is winding down, a Russian demo team has been hired to begin the renovations. While clearing out the mansion, the team discovers a secret room that has been sealed off for decades. Even the elderly Marguerite Morrow Morales, the last living relative to actually live in Windsholme in its glory days, is baffled.

As intrigued as Julia is about the secret room, she has more immediate problems to deal with. Tops on the list is her boyfriend’s brother, Terry, who’s just been released from prison. Terry is temporarily working for the clambake company, and with his quick temper, has come to blows several times with another crew member, Jason Caraway. When Jason is found murdered, the police immediately zero in on Terry as chief suspect. When Chris asks Julia to clear his brother’s name, she reluctantly agrees to help. Then another body is discovered, plus a secret diary detailing both long-ago and more current events. To add to the mystery, the current events are written in Cyrillic text.

“Sealed Off” is a seamless blend of secrets transformed into a page-turner any mystery fan will love. I did!


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