Review “The Ghost of Christmas Past” by Angie Fox


By Angie Fox

I was looking for a fresh and adventurous book to read for Christmas. “The Ghost of Christmas Past” offers just that! Ghost hunter, Verity Long, had been excited about going to a Christmas Eve party hosted by her future in-laws, until an argument with her cranky mother-in-law-to-be just before leaving to go to the party left her staying home to spend the evening with her pet skunk, Lucy, instead of with her fiancé, Ellis. Before Verity has time to let this all soak in, a ghost who saved her skunk a few years earlier shows up to ask for a favor. Thankful to the ghost for saving Lucy’s life, Verity is more than happy to help Donna with her dilemma. After all, rescuing a family of animals sounds harmless enough—even with the threat of ghosts Donna had warned her about.

Resident ghost, Frankie, is hilarious and has to go on all of Verity’s ghost adventures, including this one despite his own Christmas Eve plans. Yes, Frankie may be dead, but he still has a social life! Feeling confident with Frankie along, Verity tells Donna that she is free to go “visit” her new grandson.

Before long, though, the seemingly harmless animal rescue turns into a more dangerous situation than Verity could have imagined, and three visits from three more ghosts further threatens the rescue mission.

By the time the ghosts are finished showing visions to Verity, she gets a dose of self-discovery and also realizes how much Ellis’s family needs help to keep from being destroyed by the family’s grumpy matriarch —Verity’s very own mother-in-law-to-be. After a harrowing animal rescue, Verity sets out on a Christmas Eve mission to rescue a family tradition.


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