Review “Capturing The Devil” by Kerri Maniscalco


By Kerri Maniscalco

One of the most thrilling killers of all time that has been explored again and again in the literary world is Jack the Ripper. This series, however, has stood out from the lot because of the fresh webs woven by the incredible author, and characters she created that have captured readers from the word ‘go.’

The upside is that this book is stellar reading. The downside is that tears will be shed because this is the finale of this bestselling series.

For those who have somehow missed this brilliance, it is Audrey Rose Wadsworth and Thomas Cresswell who are hunting an elusive killer known only as the White City Devil. As the romance between them has bloomed, they have played a horrific game with a brilliant serial killer, but they now find themselves far away from the streets of London.

Audrey and Thomas land in America, and they are quick to learn that the U.S. offers a new brand of excitement, brashness, and mystery that their home does not. In Chicago they attend the thrilling World’s Fair, where they also find themselves knee-deep in an event filled with unsolved murders.

The action-packed trail they walk is disarming, as Audrey and Thomas begin to investigate the cases of missing persons and murders that have been mounting up on a daily basis. Not only must they discover and capture this determined serial killer, but they also find themselves playing this cat-and-mouse game inside the infamous “Murder Hotel” that the depraved felon built to use as a torturing device for those who do not leave well enough alone.

The romance rises, the mystery grows, and readers will gasp as the villain takes one last victim that no one saw coming.

This is a series that gets five stars on every board and every list. It is a true shame to see it disappear, but I’m thrilled to see what this incredible author comes up with next.


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