Review “The Fifth Column” by Andrew Gross


By Andrew Gross

Andrew Gross does it again! Yes, we are back in the era that brought us a world on the brink of war, a horrific villain in the form of the Nazi Party, and so much more…

It is February 1939. Europe is ready to fight, and in Madison Square Garden in the great New York City, twenty-two thousand people are gathered at a hate-filled rally cheering for the swastika and all it represents.

Charles Mossman is sitting in a bar in Hell’s Kitchen trying to deal with the depression that comes from losing your job and your marriage when a group carrying Nazi flags burst through the doors. Trying to defend himself, Charlie takes one swing, and the consequences that follow are beyond tragic.

Two years goes by and the U.S. is still deciding on whether or not to enter the war that is continuing to consume the globe. Charles’s estranged wife and six-year-old daughter, Emma, are now living in the German-speaking NYC neighborhood of Yorkville, where support for Hitler can be found everywhere. As Charles tries hard to pull himself back up and start a new life, he discovers that a couple living in the neighborhood, who have grown fond of his daughter, may just have German ties that could end up bringing even more destruction to Charlie’s doorstep.

Andrew Gross presents the “fifth column”—German spies placed in all facets of life and in every neighborhood. As this historical thriller moves forward, readers will be drawn in to Charles’s story and how he unveils a sinister conspiracy that could literally hurt his daughter and destroy the world at the same time.

Another intricate plot that is beyond fascinating!

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