Review “Late Checkout” by Carol J. Perry

review late checkout carol perry

Review “LATE CHECKOUT” By Carol J. Perry

The city of Salem, Massachusetts is famous for its seventeenth century witchcraft trials. It’s also the setting for the popular mystery series penned by Carol J. Perry, who was born in Salem on Halloween Eve. Fans of the series know that each book has a touch of the supernatural included in its plot. The newest one, “Late Checkout,” adds a large dose of Salem’s favorite holiday—Halloween—to the story as well.

Lee Barrett loves her job as field reporter for Salem’s WICH-TV, which means that, rather than sitting behind a desk in the studio, she’s able to cover events as they are actually happening. Lee’s private life’s going pretty well, too. Her handsome sweetie, Pete Mondello, is a detective on the Salem police force, and she shares her home with her research librarian aunt, Ibby, and a large gentleman cat, O’Ryan. Lee is also a scryer – a person who has the ability to see things in reflective surfaces that other people can’t. Lee’s life changes abruptly when her hours are cut due to the arrival of the station manager’s nephew. Determined to make the best of the situation, Lee decides to volunteer at the Salem Library to help Aunt Ibby. Her first responsibility is shelving book returns, and as she goes through the spooky upstairs stacks, she discovers a dead body buried under a pile of fallen books. The deceased is soon identified as Wee Willie Wallace, an ex-con and former minor league baseball player, who hasn’t been seen in Salem for years. The police determine Willie’s been murdered, and Lee fears the murderer might think she was an eyewitness to the crime. But her psychic powers aren’t enough to save her from becoming the victim of the most unusual kidnapping I’ve ever read.

“Late Checkout,” the ninth in Perry’s Witch City Mystery series, is so much fun that I hated to have it end. I just love this series.

Review “Late Checkout” by Carol J. Perry

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