Review “Bryant & May: The Lonely Hour” by Christopher Fowler


By Christopher Fowler

There’s nothing quite as nostalgic in classic mystery novels than the duo, the crime pair that solves mysteries together. If that’s the kind of dynamic you love in any mystery, then “Bryant & May: The Lonely Hour” is sure to strike a chord, for the loving detectives have another case they must solve, though their relationship may be at stake.

Four o’clock in the morning is an unsettling time; the lonely hour, as it’s called in the military. And someone is killing very specific people at that time, but unfortunately, none of the victims seem to have any connection to each other. They are all Facebook friends, but in a digital age where anyone can be friends online and not in real life, it seems unlikely that these people have any other connection to each other. And yet every night another one is assaulted and killed, and it’s up to Bryant and May, the lead detectives of the Peculiar Crimes Unit of London, to stop these bizarre killings before the murderer can strike again.

But if only it were that easy. There’s tension in the PCU, tension that’s escalating even between Bryant and May. They go off separately, determined to solve the case without the help from the other. Which only leads to disaster, as long time Bryant and May fans will surely scream as they progress through the book. Can Bryant and May save the day before it’s too late, or will their strife with each other tear this investigation to shreds?

With wild twists and turns and a cast of unique characters, “Bryant & May: The Lonely Hour” is sure to excite fans old and new. There’s no crime duo like them anywhere else, they truly are one of a kind.

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