Review “Blue Moon” by Lee Child


By Lee Child

Reading a Lee Child book, starring Jack Reacher, is like wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket in front of the fire. Now…that blanket, of course, is blood stained and the fire is your car in the driveway, but you definitely know what you’re in for.

“Blue Moon” is the latest in the Reacher Chronicles. Jack is being a Good Samaritan when he ends up in the middle of a gang war between Ukraine and Albanian street gangs. When Jack sees an older man on a bus with an envelope stuffed with money being eyed by another man, Jack wants to make sure a crime doesn’t happen. What Jack doesn’t know is that the older man is making his last loan shark payment after selling almost everything he owns.

Jack then has no choice but to make sure the man and his wife are out of danger, but that means taking on both gangs, and systemically taking them down. The action is fierce because, as always, Child writes a page turner that keeps the reader on edge. When you are on the right side of Reacher things go well, but on the wrong side? Well, your day just got a whole lot worse.

“Blue Moon” is a great addition to the already extensive Reacher/Child library. You’re gonna love it!

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