Review “The Shape of Night” by Tess Gerritsen


By Tess Gerritsen

In Boston, a horrific tragedy occurs; an event that causes a woman by the name of Ava Collette to run away and secure herself in a basically unknown village located in Maine. It is there that she will hide . . . leaving the past behind in order to survive.

Unfortunately, although the old house in Brodie’s Watch seems like an isolated location where Ava can feel safe, what it really becomes is yet another location of violence that Ava cannot (or will not) walk away from.

While dwelling inside her new, yet historical seaside mansion, Ava spots something remarkable and frightening at the same time. It is the ghost of the previous owner of the house; a sea captain by the name of Jeremiah Brodie who died long ago.

This apparition, however, turns out not to be evil, whatsoever. In fact, he welcomes Ava into his house, and even into his arms. Although Ava thinks she might be going crazy after all she’s been through, there is a part of her that falls for the ghost and waits impatiently for his visits.

Upside? She’s in love. Downside? It seems that the rumor of the captain is not the only gossip about the house that the citizens of Brodie’s Watch know about. Apparently, every female who has ever dwelled inside its walls has ended up dead. Whether or not they died by a ghost captain’s hand or a very real killer is something that Ava will have to uncover…before she becomes the next victim.

Tess Gerritsen has had the “it” factor for a long time, and she continues to show that no matter what she pens, it will rock!

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