Review “Someone We Know” by Shari Lapena


By Shari Lapena

Everyone has secrets, and in this neighborhood, nobody’s secrets are safe. Olivia Sharpe is shocked when she sees a text message on her teenage son’s phone asking how his most recent break-in went. Surprised to have been caught, Raleigh admits to breaking into neighboring homes. But it was just a one-time deal. Ok, maybe twice. And he swears he’ll never do it again. He didn’t take anything, he just snooped through their computers, so it was all harmless, right?

Then, the body of one of their neighbors is found in the trunk of her own car at the bottom of a very deep lake. This neighbor, Amanda, just so happens to live in one of the houses that Raleigh broke into, and when Olivia writes anonymous letters apologizing to the break-in victims out of guilt for what her son has done, Amanda’s husband begins to sweat. Will this nosy teenager cause problems for him? He’s not sure, but he’s prepared to do something about it if necessary.

Amanda had enemies in the neighborhood. She was flirtatious, and beautiful, and young. A combination that threatened the cookie-cutter women who attended book clubs and hosted dinner parties at their homes. When the police begin to uncover secrets, including more than one affair, it becomes harder to narrow down just who is responsible for Amanda’s murder.

Olivia’s world is turned upside down when more than one person in her circle finds themselves smack dab in the middle of the investigation, including her husband, Paul. It feels like the only person she can trust is her best friend, Glenda. But Raleigh has another secret. He snuck into Glenda’s house, a fact that he chose to keep from his parents, and there’s something he knows that they don’t.

This book is non-stop twists and turns. Shari Lapena will leave your head spinning as you try and make sense of the lies surrounding the families in this neighborhood. And just when you think you’ve figured it out, you’re probably wrong. Absolutely recommend!

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