Review “Dark Storm” by Karen Harper


By Karen Harper

The many fans of the brilliant South Shore series by Harper will experience a whole lot of excitement with this incredible tale.

Forensic psychologist Claire Markwood, is back. And for those who have been following her story, you’ll know all of the disaster and pain she’s experienced over time. But even with all of those harrowing events, not one can hold a candle to the phone call she receives. Although the call comes in from her sister Darcy’s phone, the person on the other end of the line is Darcy’s boss, Ms. Gerald, from the butterfly sanctuary. The woman is more than confused. Apparently, she’d gone up to the post office and, upon her return, found Darcy’s phone on the floor, she and her car gone, and a door left wide open on one of the butterfly houses that stored a priceless, rare species of butterfly that have now vanished into thin air.

Knowing that her sister would never leave a door open like that and simply walk away from the job she loves, Claire rushes to the sanctuary in order to find clues that will allow her to get back her sister ASAP.

Claire is literally frantic; she and her sister have always had a very close relationship, and she will not stop until she finds the truth. With leads popping up and a series of complete dead ends in their path, Claire and her criminal lawyer husband, Nick, dig as deep as possible into the case. Trouble is, the deeper they dig for the truth, the more they uncover secrets from her family’s past that Claire had no idea existed.

Karen Harper hits another one out of the park! We shall wait in excitement to see what her next gift will be.

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