Review “The Nanny” by Gilly Macmillan


By Gilly Macmillan

Even though the title may make you think in one direction, be assured that this book is not your “run of the mill, nanny-is-nutso” plot.

This tale is about Jocelyn (“Jo”) Holt. When Jocelyn was only seven, the nanny she loved with all her heart, Hannah, disappeared without a word in the summer of 1988. Jo’s life went downhill with that event. She spent years haunted by the loss of Hannah and desperately wanted to know where she went and why she possibly would’ve left without saying a word. Jo’s parents were among the rich, wealthy bunch that talk to their kids about as much as they talk to their dogs. So it was not a surprise that when Jo was old enough, she left them, the money, and the big house (Holt Hall) behind to venture out on her own.

Now, at the age of thirty, Jo returns to that place in order to confront her relationship with her estranged mother. What Jo doesn’t expect is for a human skull to be found in Holt Hall’s adjoining lake. Perhaps this is Hannah’s skull and Jo should be far more worried about her mother than she ever has been before. But when Hannah actually appears on their doorstep, very much alive, the book takes a swift turn and the secrets and lies that are exposed leave the reader breathless.

“The Nanny” is a tale of pure evil and wickedness; one that will have you staying up all night in order to get to the stunning, unforgettable conclusion.

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