Review “Mrs. Jeffries and The Alms of the Angel” by Emily Brightwell


By Emily Brightwell

Emily Brightwell is back with another Mrs. Jeffries book, this one called, “Mrs. Jeffries and the Alms of the Angel.” Emily is a wonderful author, a throwback to the times when the “whodunit” was so enticing that it was all about running to the back page to see who did it before going back to start the book.

She excels at building up a mystery with several characters that all want the victim dead. In this case, the victim is Margaret Starling, a board member of the London Angel Alms Society. Mrs. Jeffries goes to work once Margaret is found dead outside her home. She finds out that this mystery is much more than it seems on the surface. Mrs. Jeffries must peel back many layers and explore some pretty devious people in order to bring the killer to light.

Emily pens an excellent story and gives the reader that warm, fuzzy feeling when they start to read the first page. You are transported back to a time when technology wasn’t available and detectives had to hit the street and use their sixth sense to solve the mystery. Fans of those classic tales will devour this book in one sitting. This is definitely a tale you will need to start in the early afternoon and continue through the night while drinking a perfect hot cup of tea.

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