Review “Love And Death Among the Cheetahs” by Rhys Bowen


By Rhys Bowen

Believe it or not, this is the thirteenth Royal Spyness novel, and the author’s characters and plots have not run out of steam whatsoever. This time out, Georgie and Darcy are enjoying their honeymoon in Kenya’s Happy Valley but, as always with this duo, a murder interrupts their entertainment.

It is Darcy who announces that they are flying off to Kenya for an extended honeymoon, which makes Georgie extremely excited. Trouble is, she finds out soon after they arrive that this was not just time for them; Darcy was actually sent here on an assignment. Apparently, there have been some wild robberies in both London and Paris, and supposedly the thief (a member of the aristocracy, no less) fled to Kenya.

Georgie isn’t angry; she’s still excited because, after all, they are in the stunning landscape of Kenya staying in a beautiful house in Happy Valley, so what could possibly go wrong?

Georgie finds herself a bit taken aback by Happy Valley, however. It is the “center” of English nobility; it’s filled with people who tend to walk around with their noses in the air while complaining about absolutely everything they can complain about. The lifestyle is beyond decadent and even a Lord tries to hit on Georgie and she quickly tells him where to go. The Lord, however, is then found dead along an abandoned stretch of road. What first seems to be the product of a lion attack soon turns into something more as Georgie and Darcy begin to investigate further. There are many motives to be found and a great many secrets and lies are unveiled in the Happy Valley community.

Rhys Bowen just keeps on going. This 13th tale is just as sharp, keen, and interesting as the twelve that have come before.

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