Review “Let’s Fake A Deal” by Sherry Harris


By Sherry Harris

Garage sale entrepreneur Sarah Winston has built a spotless reputation for the professional way she runs her business. As a former military spouse, she’s a real pro when it comes to organizing and packing. She also has an eye for spotting priceless finds in a client’s dusty basement and knows how to display and price items correctly to maximize profits.

Sarah’s confident that her latest project will run as smoothly as all her others. She’s been hired by a young couple who need to downsize. The morning of the sale, Sarah is shocked when the police arrive to shut it down. All the items in the sale were stolen, the young couple have disappeared without a trace, and Sarah is accused of being involved.

Sarah still has a few close friends from her military spouse days and is happy to learn that her good friend Michelle is in line for a big promotion. But life isn’t going well for Michelle, either. She’s been hit with an anonymous discrimination complaint which could not only stop her promotion but destroy her entire military career. Sarah, powerless for the moment to help her own case, reaches out to Michelle when one of the men she suspects is behind the accusation is found dead in Michelle’s own car.

Sarah is sure Michelle is innocent. The two women were together at a local bar the night before the murder, and Sarah and all the other patrons witnessed an ugly exchange between the murder victim and Michelle. Unfortunately, Michelle has no alibi for the murder, because she had too much to drink and, when Sarah arranged to get her home, she passed out cold. The more questions Sarah asks as she tries to prove her friend’s innocence, the more she realizes that her own problem and Michelle’s are connected.

I just love Sherry Harris’s Garage Sale series. It’s provocative, well-written, and always entertaining.

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