Review “Finding Mrs. Ford” by Deborah Goodrich Royce


By Deborah Goodrich Royce

It is 2014, and we are in New England by the seashore…. It is here that Susan Ford is enjoying a bright, sunny day; however, she has no idea that a man from her past is, at the same moment, boarding a plane in Baghdad in order to throw a wrench into her privileged life.

Of course, Mrs. Ford’s life was not always one of privilege. Although the mask she portrays while living in her lovely cottage in Watch Hill, RI is superbly set in place, she has secrets in her past.

Knocking on her pristine door are FBI agents. They are visiting her to ask questions about an Iraqi man from Mosul; a place where ISIS has just seized control. His name is Sammy Fakhouri. They have already taken him into custody, but what they want to know is why this Sammy person was en route to Mrs. Ford’s house when they caught up with him.

Readers are thrust back into the summer of 1979, in the sickly outskirts of Detroit. This is when Susan, a college coed, meets up with an unlikely friend. Her name is Annie and she is the complete opposite of calm, quiet Susan. But as they work in the disco together that summer, things occur (including Sammy coming into Susan’s life) that will have the reader up all night, completely glued to the pages.

The descriptions are vivid, the characters are memorable, and delving into the completely opposite worlds of Detroit in the 70’s and posh Rhode Island in the 21st century is beyond interesting. This debut author should know that no matter how much the acting profession may “call out to her,” it is this reviewer’s opinion that she stick to the book trail for a long time to come.

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