Review “Elevator Pitch” by Linwood Barclay


By Linwood Barclay

Linwood Barclay returns with this fantastic suspense, taking what should be a normal elevator ride and turning it into one of absolute terror. Not once, mind you, but multiple times.

Someone is quite literally crashing elevators in New York City skyscrapers, causing the mayor and all other law enforcement agencies to work fast in order to figure out who’s behind it and how they can stop it immediately.

In classic Barclay fashion, the reader is taken on a roller-coaster ride of thrills and chills. It’s not even a stretch to say that, with this, he’s done to elevators what Benchley and “JAWS” did to the ocean. Barclay is a master of character and setting. He puts the reader inside the box and traps them until the very end.

“Elevator Pitch” is a book that you don’t want to miss. And Linwood Barclay is an author that every thriller reader should have on their bookshelf. Fans will devour this creation in one sitting, because it is just “that” good. The only reason to put it down will be to catch your breath for a minute or two, so you can jump right back in!

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