Review “Bark of Night” David Rosenfelt


By David Rosenfelt

“Bark of Night,” the newest title in the Andy Carpenter mystery series, starts off with what appears to be an idyllic deep-sea diving trip off the coast of Florida. That image is shattered on page 2 when one of the “friends” cuts the air hose on the first diver, and he suffocates to death. And that’s the first two pages!

In Chapter 2, Paterson, New Jersey defense lawyer Andy Carpenter has found a suspicious lump on his beloved Golden Retriever, Tara, and is paying an emergency visit to Tara’s veterinarian, Dr. Dowling, to have it checked out. When the vet calls Andy in for a private consultation, Andy fears he’s about to receive the worst kind of news. Instead, Dr. Dowling introduces Andy to a healthy French bulldog who was dropped off a few days earlier by a man who claimed to be the dog’s owner, with instructions to euthanize him. The man said the dog’s name was Buster. The vet is immediately suspicious as to why anyone would want a perfectly healthy dog euthanized instead of finding him a new home. After the purported owner leaves, he examines the dog very carefully, and discovers a microchip on the bulldog identifying him as Truman, not Buster, with a different owner’s name. When Dowling attempts to clarify the confusion with the man who dropped off the dog, that man has disappeared. The vet asks for Andy’s help, and Andy agrees to get to the bottom of Truman’s ownership.

That’s only the beginning of the story. The next surprise is that Truman’s real owner has been murdered, and a young man has been arrested for the murder. Andy visits the young man in jail, takes him on as a client, and ends up following a trail of murders across the country that eventually involves the FBI.

“Bark of Night” is a terrific read for any mystery lover who enjoys twists, turns, and surprises on every page!

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