Review “A Deadly Feast” by Lucy Burdette


By Lucy Burdette

It’s Haley Snow’s wedding day in beautiful Key West, Florida. But the blushing bride has a big problem—she can’t find her groom, hunky police detective Nathan Bransford. Truth be told, Nathan was also a no-show at her family’s Thanksgiving feast the day before. And her good friend Lorenzo, a fortune-teller who gives tarot card readings on Duval Street, has seen that something ominous is in store for Nathan. Hayley isn’t the only one who can’t find Nathan. His colleagues on the force have been trying to locate him, too, although they know he’s currently working on a case that’s very hush-hush.

The missing groom is only one part of what’s been the week from hell for Hayley. It begins when Hayley, a writer for the Key West lifestyle magazine Key Zest, joins a walking tour of local seafood restaurants for a story she’s writing. The tour comes to a screeching halt when Audrey, one of the other guests, collapses and is rushed to the hospital, where she dies of an apparent stroke. Tour guide, Analise Smith, is terrified that she’ll be held responsible for the death and begs Hayley to talk to the victim’s husband. Perhaps the woman had a pre-existing health condition that could have contributed to her sudden death. The husband can hardly contain his grief and denies that Audrey was ill. A conversation with the victim’s sister paints a much different picture. She blames the husband for Audrey’s death, claiming that she was mentally ill and on meds to control her condition. Pastry chef Martha Hubbard, whose key lime pie may have been the reason behind Audrey’s death, also begs for Hayley’s help. The situation gets even worse when the dead body of the husband is found in a local dumpster. And is this the mysterious case Nathan is working on that he won’t share with Hayley?

“A Deadly Feast” is a delectable addition to a satisfying, well-plotted mystery series. Highly recommended.

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