Review “A Deadly Deception” by Tessa Harris


By Tessa Harris

For the many fans who have fallen in love with the Constance Piper series, you will be happy to know that this third installment is just as great as the first two.

Yes, this is all about the psychic flower seller who is called upon to solve murders. This time Constance, just like the rest of Whitechapel, is getting over the horror that Jack the Ripper brought into their daily lives.

It is July 1889. Mary Jane Kelly (a murder so horrific it is still talked about in our day) was brutally murdered by The Ripper eight months ago. His swan song, so to speak, seeing as that the never-caught serial killer just stopped out of the blue after Mary Jane experienced the most evil side of him. Whitechapel is much calmer now; however, when a much older woman by the name of Alice McKenzie is found dead, throat slashed, residents of the area once again go back to locking their windows and hoping the horror is not him, striking again.

Constance called herself a friend to Mary Jane and Alice, and with the help of both her deceased mentor, and police detective Thaddeus Hawkins, she begins to use her gifts to uncover links between the murder and a gang whose members focus on creating an independent Ireland.

From a bomb plot to Whitechapel’s murky streets, all the way up to a place of supreme power in England, Constance delves into all types of locales and does everything she can to bring the killer to light as fast as possible.

I love this time period. I love anything to do with The Ripper. And Tessa Harris, yet again, offers up another unforgettable gem.

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