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We have something for everyone. In the last month we have released three awesome books.  CLICK ON ANY IMAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION

DP Lyle “Skin In The Game”: “Terrific—truly sinister, scary and suspenseful. Lyle never lets you down.”
—Lee Child, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Raised as siblings by an itinerant “gypsy” family, knife expert Bobby Cain, trained by the US military in the lethal art of covert eliminations, and Harper McCoy, nurtured by the US Navy and the CIA to run black ops and wage psychological warfare, are now civilians. Of a sort. Employing the skills learned from the “family” and their training, they now fix the unfixable. Case in point: Retired General William Kessler hires the duo to track down his missing granddaughter, a Vanderbilt University co-ed. Their search leads them to a small, bucolic, lake-side town in central Tennessee and into a world of prostitution, human trafficking, and serial murder. The question then becomes: Will their considerable skills be enough for Cain and Harper to save the young woman, and themselves, from a sociopath with “home field” advantage, a hunter’s skills, and his own deeply disturbing agenda?

“Skin in the Game is The Most Dangerous Game on steroids. Fast, relentless, and cunning.”
—David Morrell, New York Times Bestselling Author of Murder as a Fine Art


Joseph Badal “Justice, Curtis Chronicles Book 3”: Amazon #1 Best-selling author, Joseph Badal, delivers “Justice,” the third in his Curtis Chronicles series, with the same relentless tension that is a trademark of his award-winning suspense novels.
In “Justice,” Matt and Renee Curtis return, along with their maniacal tormentor, Lonnie Jackson. On a trip to Costa Rica with their friends Esteban and Alani Maldonado, Matt and Renee believe they are beyond Jackson’s reach. They soon find out how wrong they are, however, when Jackson orchestrates the kidnapping of Renee and Alani and transports them to his human trafficking headquarters located in Nicaragua.
Matt and Esteban recruit former special operations soldiers living in Costa Rica to help them rescue their wives, sending readers on an action-packed journey.
As with all of Badal’s novels, “Justice” is a bold and complex thriller. It weaves an intricate plot involving multiple international locations, a human trafficking organization, the CIA, Special Operations, corrupt politicians, Bulgarian organized crime figures, Swiss bankers, and a compelling cast of engaging, inspiring, and diabolical characters.
The Curtis Chronicles is an epic series that delves into the age-old conflict between good and pure evil, where each book leaves you begging for more.





Reed Bunzel “Seven-Thirty Thursday”: “Reed Bunzel’s Seven-Thirty Thursday is an emotional, tension-filled roller coaster that holds the reader’s attention from the first page. Bunzel’s voice is his own, but with a bit of Pat Conroy and James Lee Burke thrown in. This is a writer that every mystery fan should follow.”
—Joseph Badal, Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author of the Lassiter/Martinez Case Files Series

Former star athlete and current ghost writer Rick Devlin left Charleston in the rearview mirror just days after his father was sentenced to life in prison for killing his mother. Now—thirty years later—he is compelled to return home to the Carolina Lowcountry to care for the reviled murderer in his final days. Just minutes after reluctantly arriving at the hospice center, however, his father reveals a closely held secret about the night of the murder that causes Devlin to question whether the “trial of the century” was a total sham. “Think about all that blood they showed on that screen in the courtroom,” the old man tells him. “The blood on the knife, and on your mother’s clothes, and the floor. There has to be some of the killer’s DNA in all of that. And I swear on your mother’s grave, not one fucking speck of it is mine.”

The trial testimony was clear-cut, the evidence was slam-dunk, and the jury returned its “guilty” verdict in just over two hours. But now, as Devlin begins to poke around the edges of his mother’s death, the duplicitous truths of the past become increasingly exposed—and treacherous. It seems everyone has something to hide, from the father-son team of lawyers looking out for the senior Devlin’s dying interests, to a vicious bagman who leaves a trail of mayhem wherever he goes. Also caught up in the secret: a corrupt state cop, a sanctimonious Bible-thumping televangelist, the leader of a white supremacist hate group, an elderly black Korean War sniper, the ghosts of several redneck murderers, and the specter of a young black boy who died a most horrific death. As Devlin scrapes at the facts behind his mother’s death—and deals with the painful facets of his family’s dysfunction—he learns not just the truth about his mother’s violent death, but also comes to grips with the difficult lessons of his own past.

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