Review “Outbreak” by Davis Bunn


By Davis Bunn

Readers look on as a biological researcher from the U.S., Avery Madison, makes his way to the West African coast in order to solve a horrific mystery.

Apparently, the water has turned to blood in West Africa; but this is not a “biblical” thing, mind you. What has happened is that the waters have become full of algae that, in some places, is thick enough to walk across. Odd and mysterious deaths are happening in a number of nearby villages, which gets everyone into a panic. But before they can scream and ask for aid, the currents alter their course and the algae literally vanishes. When the deaths stop with this sudden “Mother Nature” miracle, things return to normal. And all the government can do is sigh in relief and be thankful that the press was never the wiser.

Assigned the job of traveling there and uncovering the truth behind what could have been the worst disaster ever seen, Avery must locate the danger. Paired up with an investigative reporter, Della Haverty, the duo open doors on a pair of brothers, a million-dollar company, and a previously unknown “killer” that is now stalking the globe.

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