Review “Buried In The Stacks” by Allison Brook


By Allison Brook

Carrie Singleton is settling into her new life as head of programs and events at the Clover Leaf Library and loving the fact that she has reconnected with family. Her life also includes an element that’s been missing for a long time—love—in the person of her handsome landlord, Dylan. Her new job has its share of challenges, however. First, Sally, the head of the library, keeps adding to Carrie’s job description. Sally “suggests” that Carrie become the library’s next “Sunshine Delegate,” meaning she’ll be responsible for sending out cards and small gifts to staff that are ill or have had a tragedy in their family. Then Sally tells her that the most disagreeable member of the staff, Dorothy Hawkins, has fallen outside the local supermarket and is in the hospital. So off Carrie goes, bearing a gift and planning to make as speedy an exit as good manners will allow, to visit the cantankerous staff member. The visit doesn’t go as Carrie hoped, because Dorothy tells Carrie that her fall wasn’t an accident. Her husband pushed her and is trying to kill her, and he murdered her wealthy Aunt Evelyn, a library aide, six years before. What Dorothy doesn’t know is that her Aunt Evelyn is the library’s resident ghost, and only Carrie and her young cousin can see her.

Then Dorothy is murdered. Evelyn begs Carrie to find her niece’s murderer, which is no easy task because it turns out that Dorothy was a blackmailer. Carrie also has her hands full dealing with the homeless people who have taken up residence in the library during cold days. Good thing she can count on the ghostly Evelyn for help.

“Buried in the Stacks” is the third in the Haunted Library mystery series by Marilyn Levinson, writing under the pen name of Allison Brook. The books are so good that I finish reading them much too soon!

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