Review “Wherever She Goes” by Kelley Armstrong


By Kelley Armstrong 


Whenever I receive a new book with the name Kelley Armstrong on the cover, my pulse races just a little bit faster. After all, her bestselling YA and adult novels, such as the amazing Otherworld and Rockton series’ are among the best reads out there. So, it will come as no surprise to hear that this latest psychological thriller from Armstrong is absolutely superb. 

Aubrey Finch is a single mother who is now sitting at the precinct in order to report the kidnapping of a child. Not her own, thankfully, but a crime she saw with her own two eyes when a young boy was taken against his will from a park. The odd part, to the police, is that no parent/parents have come forward to report their child missing, which makes Aubrey’s story improbable to the officer, at best.  

Now, you have to understand, Aubrey has her own odd background that has caused people to gossip behind her back and question her sanity. Aubrey was once a stay-at-home mom who no longer has primary custody of her own daughter. But if they knew the real story why—the fact that Aubrey walked away from the home because secrets from her past came back to haunt her—perhaps people would be more understanding of her situation. Of course, Aubrey can’t tell anyone the truth about her life, even the people she loves the most. So she must put up with the whispers and now must endure the fact that no one is taking her very real story seriously. If she wants to save this boy, she must do it on her own.  

Readers need to buckle their seatbelts before getting on this thrill “ride,” because this gripping story of what a mother will do in order to save a child, any child, is one that will stay with you for a long time to come. 

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