Review “We Were Killers Once” by Becky Masterman


By Becky Masterman 

This is a revamped, new twist on a classic real-life murder that makes Masterman’s fourth thriller beyond memorable.  

Brigid Quinn is a retired FBI Agent, and even if you have read none of the books preceding this one, you’ll have no problem finding this lead character extremely smart, savvy and likable. 

For a little history, the Clutter family was written about in Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood.” It was back in 1959, that this family of four were brutally murdered in Holcomb, Kansas. Perry Smith and Dick Hickok were convicted and executed for the crime, and Capote wrote about the investigation and solution. However, the spin Masterman takes, opens a new door that no one ever thought to open before. 

Brigid Quinn and her husband, Carlo, a former priest and university professor, are doing all they can to enjoy their retirement years. But when a letter is found hidden away in an old box of Carlo’s things, dating back to his time working as a prison chaplain, a prisoner from the past destroys their calm, peaceful retirement. 

Jerry Beaufort is a man just released from prison. He has spent decades behind bars and all he wants to do is live out the rest of his years in a normal, everyday life. He wants to put the past behind him, but somewhere he knows there’s a handwritten record of his time spent with two brutal murderers back in 1959. A written record that, if found, would open up a can of worms that would literally destroy any chance of Jerry having a second shot at a good life. Tracking this letter puts Jerry directly into Brigid Quinn’s way, and the mystery that evolves is a non-stop, thrilling ride.  

Readers will be enamored with this perfect mix of non-fiction and thriller. The author has done an amazing job combining both together for a never-before-seen conclusion. 

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