Review “Thread On Arrival” by Lea Wait


By Lea Wait 

Angie Curtis has returned to her childhood home of Haven Harbor, Maine, to take over running the family business, Mainely Needlepoint, which does commissioned needlework for decorators and other high-end clients. Angie has given up her job as an assistant to a P.I. in Arizona for what she expects will be a quiet life. She’s happy to live close to her grandmother and her new husband, many old friends, and especially to find the love of her life, artist Patrick West. 

Like many towns, Haven Harbor has its share of interesting characters. One such person is Ike Hamilton, who’s been a fixture in town for decades although he’s fallen on hard times and supports himself through a small disability check and by collecting deposit bottles for resale. Most of the locals are happy to help Ike out by saving bottles for him and providing him with food whenever possible. So when harmless Ike is found stabbed to death in the ramshackle shed he now lives in, it’s a shock for the entire town. Suspicion falls on Luke, the troubled teenage boy whom Ike had recently befriended, who discovered the body.  

Angie and her teacher friend, Dave Percy, believe the boy is innocent and reach out to help. Dave even offers Luke a temporary home. But their faith is shaken when they find out Luke is using a fictitious name and was a suspect in the death of his parents.  

Angie and Dave decide to retrace Ike’s bottle-collecting route for clues, and discover that simpleminded Ike knew many people’s secrets and talked about them freely. Suddenly the suspect list is much longer, and includes people who are pillars of the community. Then, the murderer strikes again.  

“Thread on Arrival” is the eighth in Maine author Lea Wait’s Mainely Needlepoint Mystery series. Like all of Wait’s previous mysteries, it’s a real page-turner all the way to its shocking motive and surprise ending. I just loved this book. Keep them coming!  

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