Review “The Summer We Lost Her” by Tish Cohen


By Tish Cohen 

Matt and Elise Sorenson are far from being the perfect couple. After years of putting their individual needs first, their marriage is at its breaking point and neither knows how much more they can take. But then, it gets worse. On the trip that’s supposed to bring their family closer together, they lose the one thing equally important to them, their daughter Gracie.  

It’s been an expensive few years for Matt and Elise as all of their money and resources have been put towards Elise’s career as a competitive dressage rider. She’s moments away from her chance at the Olympics, and to help alleviate some of the burden, she and Matt decide to sell his late grandfather’s lakefront property in the Adirondack Mountains. Matt’s grandfather, Nate, whom he idolized, was practically Adirondack royalty and they’re basically guaranteed an easy sale. But when Gracie goes missing in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of preparing the house for market, the world around them comes crashing down.  

As they work tirelessly to find their daughter, Matt and Elise struggle to find support in one another. Instead, Matt leans on his neighbor and first love, Cass. He also discovers that his beloved grandfather wasn’t the man he thought he was, and as it turns out they have many more enemies in this small town than they first knew.  

With each passing moment, Matt and Elise feel crushed by the weight of their missing daughter. If they find her, will they ever recover from the things they’ve said to one another? The things they’ve felt? And worse, what if they don’t find her at all? 

In “The Summer We Lost Her,” Tish Cohen explores just how far two people can be pushed apart before they’re forced to come together. This book covers everything from loss to love, and the power of what it means to be a family. Readers will be hanging on until the very end.  

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