Review “The Invited” by Jennifer McMahon


By Jennifer McMahon 

Helen and Nate decide to strike out on an adventure and give up their secure teaching jobs in the City to move to a very rural setting. There, they intend to build a new home. 

Living in a small trailer on the acreage they purchased, the couple slowly learns the ropes of putting together the house, as well as navigating the small-town folks and their small-mindedness when dealing with outsiders. 

Helen makes friends with a teenage neighbor and her aunt, and together they explore the plot of land. They follow some of the myths that circulate around the Vermont town about how the land once belonged to a local witch. (No wonder the place went for a song!) A creepy part of this myth that they learn about, is that hidden in the bogs crossing the land allegedly lies the body of Hattie Breckenridge. 

Helen decides to use building materials from local antique stores and long forgotten buildings to create their home. And, of course, all of these materials supposedly have links to the ill-fated Breckenridge family. She feels that by doing this, it will give their new place a sense of history. However, it also seems that Helen and Nate could be creating a gate to a very dark world that threatens to collapse the couple’s new life. 

McMahon blends her historical tale of rural Vermont with some crafty ghost stories and makes it impossible for the reader to turn away.  

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