Review “The Bone Charmer” by Breeana Shields


By Breeana Shields 

This is a fantastic YA suspense that will thrill readers of all ages.  

Saskia lives in an odd world. Her village believes that the source of all power in the universe comes from bones. Their die-hard belief is that people should look to bones to understand the future, find out about the past, and expose secrets, lies, and those who keep both in the present. Saskia knows this life very well. She should. After all, her own mother is the village Bone Charmer, who is the designated ‘seer’ that performs readings for the entire town of Midwood.  

We begin the tale on the day of Saskia’s kenning. This is a special bone reading that determines the future career of a seventeen-year-old. And even though it is the one thing she does not want to do, the kenning reveals that Saskia is to be trained as a Bone Charmer (in order to follow in her mother’s footsteps).   

The worst thing about this is the fact that Saskia knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that her mother actually saw more than one “path” for Saskia to take, yet she “announced” the one she knew her daughter didn’t want. When an argument between them ensues, one of the bones breaks, which is a sure sign of bad luck to come. When Saskia finds out that the broken bone was infused with extra magic, she realizes that her own future was split into two paths automatically; dual paths she will have to walk that will endanger her life no matter what she does. 

This author has done a difficult, yet amazing job of writing dual storylines, told from two separate POV’s, yet both from Saskia as she lives these lives separately. The concept is extremely cool and the writing keeps you involved. You will be surprised to see just how many twists and turns Saskia’s lives take.  

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