Review “The Better Sister” by Alafair Burke


By Alafair Burke 

You know just from the title that this is going to be a winner; you also know it’s a “must read” from the simple fact that Alafair Burke is the author. (I mean, who can ever forget “The Wife”?) 

In this labyrinth, we have two sisters and a Manhattan lawyer who ends up dead. Now, the sisters are estranged. Perhaps that’s because one of the sisters is the widow of the now deceased man, and the other is his ex. Talk about a murky past. 

The youngest sister is Chloe Taylor. You know the type: A+ student, ambitious to the point where any boss would kill to have her on their team, etcetera. And even though she’s the youngest in age, her head was always on straight, she always maintained her focus, and she was most definitely in charge. Nicky is the older sister, but where Chloe is the epitome of success, Nicky was never ambitious.  

Chloe went to an Ivy League school and Nicky was happy for a while, marrying an up-and-coming lawyer by the name of Adam Macintosh and starting a family by bringing their boy, Ethan, into the picture. 

Without giving too much away, let us say tides turned and Chloe became Mrs. Macintosh. But after Adam is murdered, it is Ethan who brings his biological mother back into their lives. The police start to focus on Ethan as being the culprit, and it is then that the Taylor sisters must put old hatred aside in order to dig up secrets from their own family that should have stayed buried. 

From word one, Burke has created a nonstop thriller fest. At times you don’t quite know what Taylor sister to root for, if either, but at other times one of them will seem awfully familiar…perhaps reminding you of your own “beloved” sibling. Definitely something to talk about around the next Thanksgiving table. 

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