Review “The Absolver: Rome” by Gavin Reese


By Gavin Reese 

Michael Thomas, former cop now priest, discovers the power of justifiable homicide over murder. So much so that his employers pull him into a shadow organization that the Catholic church is using to rid the world of those lost forever to heaven.  

Using priests to sanctify the killings of monsters amongst us, and allowing those priests to administer the last rites and absolution at the time of death, is a storyline explored by many. Opus Dei and the Illuminati have been broached by many a novelist. This novel reminds me a little of David Morrell’s “The League of Night and Fog.” 

Whisked away to rural Wyoming, to a six month boot camp from which all but a few are expected to graduate, Thomas and his cohorts are sent through a vigorous physical and religious training run by a zealot who was probably a Marine Corp sergeant major in another life. As their skills are honed, they wonder what exactly is in store. They’re kept in the dark the whole time waiting to see why they were chosen for this type of intense training. 

When the plot all comes together, we go along for the journey as Reese, a former cop himself, guides us through the moral morass that these absolvers find themselves tangled in. It is an exciting rush, and the author prepares us well, as the trainers did for the assassins in waiting.  

This is the first in what I hope is a long series of novels as we are transported around the world seeking monsters to destroy. 

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