Review “Sunset Beach” by Mary Kay Andrews


By Mary Kay Andrews 

There’s nothing I like more than a book that takes you somewhere, and it gets bonus points from me if that place just happens to be a beach. Throw in a little romance and a bit of mystery, and I believe you’ve found the perfect combination.  

Drue Campbell has run out of family, job opportunities, and money when her estranged father, Brice Campbell, shows up after twenty years of being absent from her life. Reluctant to let anyone in, she finds that she has no other choice but to give him a chance when he offers her a job at his law firm, and the keys to her grandparents’ once idyllic beach house on Sunset Beach. Just when she thinks working for her father can’t get any worse, however, she discovers that he’s married to her former best friend from eighth-grade, and that Wendy, her new stepmother, is also her boss.  

When a former client shows up at the office demanding to speak to Brice and is quickly shooed away, Drue takes it upon herself to re-examine the case files only to discover that something isn’t right. An unsolved murder and a payout far too low for the circumstances find Drue playing detective, questioning witnesses and sneaking onto private property. Afraid that her father may be the direct link, she keeps her work quiet, only to end up in the kind of trouble that only he can help her out of.  

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that just when I thought I had the mystery all figured out, I was wrong! Mary Kay Andrews has managed, once again, to weave relatable characters, a dreamy location, and enough twists and turns together to keep you turning pages until the end. “Sunset Beach” deserves a top spot on your summer reading list. Trust me when I say: “You won’t want to miss it!” 

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