Review “Scarlet Fever” by David Stever


By David Stever 

When a good-looking dame with striking red hair tosses $20,000 on your desk, any self-respecting P.I. would pay attention to what comes next. Johnny Delarosa is no exception. 

Former cop, Delarosa and his partner, Mike, smell a big payday if they can just complete the mission—find two million in missing dollars. It’s a mystery with very few clues. Did I mention the money was stolen from the mob? 

With little to go on, and a client, Clair, who perhaps is not what she seems, the two P.I.’s, and a new green but gung-ho secretary, Katie, take on the Port City Cosa Nostra. Seems like every scum-bag, wanna-be gangster (and a few made men) are scurrying around like rats, all wanting to put a claim on the money, should it be found. 

Stever’s latest offering is a wink and a nod to the hard-boiled detective of a Chandleresque style and offers up a great adventure yarn and a stay-ahead-of-the-competition thriller. 

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