Review “Restaurant Weeks Are Murder” by Libby Klein


By Libby Klein 

Poppy McAllister is excited to open Butterfly House, the quaint Queen Anne home she and her eccentric Aunt Ginny have renovated as a B&B in Cape May, New Jersey. But when her ex-fiancé Tim offers her a spot on his team in the upcoming Cape May Restaurant Week challenge, Poppy jumps at the chance. Her dream has always been to be a professional chef specializing in gluten free pastries. The opportunity to cook beside Tim is a plus, and an opportunity to decide if she wants to rekindle their relationship or succumb to the romantic overtures of local hunky Italian barista Gia Larusso. One downside is the other member of Tim’s three-person team, his condescending partner Gigi, who has the hots for Tim and enjoys few things more than putting Poppy down. Another problem is that Gia’s mama, the terrifying Olivia Larusso, is also competing, and matches Gigi’s condescending attitude with giving the evil eye to Poppy every chance she gets.  

Restaurant Week seems doomed before it starts. The original inn that’s been booked to house the celebrity judges cancels and Poppy offers to house them at Butterfly House. This turns out to be a huge mistake, and she and Aunt Ginny quickly get fed up with their demanding guests. Then another competitor, Adrian Baxter, who attended the Culinary Institute of America with Tim years ago, accuses him of cheating while they were in school and warns him in front of everyone not to try anything funny. That’s just the beginning of what turns into the competition from hell as ingredients for the meals are mysteriously switched and Tim’s accused of sabotaging the contest. Relatively harmless pranks escalate into real hazards, including an exploding deep fryer. Then one of the judges dies after eating a bite of Poppy’s cannoli, turning her into a prime suspect.          

“Restaurant Weeks Are Murder” is an inside, irreverent look into the high profile world of celebrity culinary arts. Hilarious! 

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