Review “One Feta In The Grave” by Tina Kashian


By Tina Kashian 

It’s the dog days of August in the New Jersey seaside town of Ocean Crest. And when it’s mid-August “down the shore,” that means end-of-season food festivals and fun in the sun along with the heat, humidity, and boardwalk games the shore is known for. And, in this case, murder. 

Archie Kincaid has been in town less than a year and the abrasive store owner has managed to make enough enemies to fill the local telephone book. Tops on that list is Harold Harper, whose boardwalk shop is near Archie’s. They’ve been in fierce competition since Archie arrived, and there’s nothing Harold likes more than goading Archie every chance he gets. And vice versa.  

Several local business owners have been asked to serve as judges for the annual sandcastle-building contest. One of them is Lucy Berberian, now managing the Kebab Kitchen, a family restaurant owned by her parents. Archie has also been asked to serve as a judge. Bad idea, since Archie’s nephew, Neil, is a contestant. Anyone besides me sense nepotism going on? Oh, yeah. When the other judges find out about the relationship, which Archie has neglected to share, Neil is eliminated from the contest and Archie is eliminated as a judge. Needless to say, he goes ballistic, and takes his anger out on Katie Watson, the contest’s head judge and Lucy’s best friend. After a heated argument between Archie and Katie, overheard by many, the humiliated Archie stalks off to lick his wounds.  

Lucy decides to take a run along the beach to calm her nerves, and discovers the body of Archie, shot dead, under the boardwalk. Despite no shortage of suspects, including both a girlfriend and a wife nobody knew Archie had, the police zero in on Katie as the prime murder suspect. 

“One Feta in the Grave” is the third in the Kebab Kitchen Mystery series. It’s a fun read that cozy lovers will enjoy. 

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