Review “Once a Liar” by A.F. Brady


By A.F. Brady 

If you are a reader who is enthralled by courtroom dramas and thrillers involving unforgettable sociopaths, then this is the book for you. 

Peter Caine is a ruthless defense attorney operating in Manhattan. On the outside, people see him as a handsome, charming, intelligent man who knows his job to the letter. What people don’t see is that he’s as cold and heartless as one can possibly get. He defends the most disgusting predators ranging from rapists to pedophiles, and has the skills to allow them to keep their freedom and keep right on being menaces to all of society. 

His life, however, is about to go absolutely crazy. One of his former lover’s—a woman by the name of Charlie Doyle—has been murdered. Charlie is also the daughter of the Manhattan DA, a man who is not only a professional enemy of Peter’s but also holds the “seat of power” that allows him to make Peter the main suspect in his daughter’s brutal death. The DA will stop at nothing to lock Peter up for this crime, and quickly heads out on a journey to avenge his daughter by putting Peter behind bars once and for all. 

Now, Peter is not a nice man, by any stretch of the imagination. But is he cold-hearted enough to have killed Charlie? He has little time to prove his innocence. And as the evidence continues to mount against him, Peter must turn back to some of his past mistakes and secrets in order to try and figure out what his next steps are going to be. 

Readers will love the plot and characters, but they will be enthralled by the end of the book as the truth of who killed Charlie Doyle, and why, comes to light. Brady has done a fantastic job of providing a thriller that most definitely earns space on any suspense lover’s bookshelf. 

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