Review “Murder’s No Votive Confidence” by Christin Brecher


By Christin Brecher 

It’s Memorial Day Weekend on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts, just off the coast of Cape Cod, and the locals are looking forward to the official start of the summer tourist and destination wedding season. Memorial Day also means it’s time for Figawi, the island’s annual, raucous, one-of-a-kind sailing competition. 

Nantucket candle store owner Stella Wright is thrilled when she’s tapped to design special candles for Jessica Sterling’s Memorial Day nuptials. She’s particularly proud of the two-foot high unity candle that will be used as part of the official wedding ceremony. Since Jessica’s father is deceased, she’s invited her Uncle Simon to walk her down the aisle. Simon hasn’t been part of the family for years, and his presence upsets many of the guests. However, even though nobody likes Simon, nobody is prepared for the sight of him when he’s found bludgeoned to death the day before the wedding, and the murder weapon is Stella’s seemingly indestructible unity candle, now split in two. 

The bride is determined to go ahead with her wedding despite what is clearly murder in the family, and Stella has to work hard to create a new candle in time for the ceremony. But as she works, she can’t help but wonder who hated Simon enough to kill him. The issue becomes personal when it becomes clear that other brides who’ve hired Stella to create candles for their own special day are cancelling orders like mad, and Simon’s death could put Stella out of business for good. Stella decides to do some sleuthing, despite being warned not to interfere by the town’s sexiest cop, a man she’s known since grammar school. With the help of a charming reporter, she’s determined to unmask the killer. 

“Murder’s No Votive Confidence” is a charming mystery with believable, likeable characters. Check it out. 

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