Review “Milady” by Laura L. Sullivan


By Laura L. Sullivan 

In a way, this book actually fits present day quite well, even though it is set in the 17th Century during the time of the Three Musketeers and all their action and adventure. Why, you ask? Because this book is all about a strong female lead in a male dominated society who almost all readers have heard about before.  

Milady de Winter had her own style when it came to wardrobe, men she slept with, as well as men who got on the wrong side of her who she cleverly took from this world. She was also the avid foe of the Musketeers. Notorious in her own right, regaled by the legendary Alexandre Dumas, she returns here penned by one of the best historical novelists we can claim today. But Laura Sullivan adds twists to this delightful character, making her into a rather unlikely heroine. 

We learn about Clarice (AKA: Milady) and how she came into this world through a match between a Frenchwoman and an English baron who is as slimy as they come. Clarice is sheltered, to say the least, but through her life she learns all about the art of healing, as well as how to hide secrets and conceal murder. When she “meets up” with her father out of the blue, Clarice finds herself knee-deep in the deceptive court of King James I of England. It is here she begins to forge her own path through bad advice and sometimes unhealthy suitors until she’s thrown in the path of D’Artagnan and his beloved Musketeers. You come away with a new admiration for Milady while standing side-by-side with her as she delivers her tale of survival and intrigue. 

This is historical suspense at its finest, which is exactly what this author is fantastic at delivering.   

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