Review “Metropolis” by Philip Kerr


By Philip Kerr 

The beloved Bernie Gunther has returned in his final installment, and this time the fantastic author, Philip Kerr, allowed readers to go back in time and stand by Bernie’s side during his first few weeks working on Berlin’s Murder Squad. 

The year is 1928; Bernie is a twenty-something man in the city of Berlin. Of course, he’s not your average young man. Bernie has seen four years of blood-soaked war, so he has “street smarts” that most cops don’t own. When he gets promoted and leaves the Vice squad behind, Bernie ends up embedded in a monumental murder spree. These killings are violent, and the victims are the prostitutes and wounded ex-soldiers who are basically ignored in this chaotic city. 

It would be hard enough if these murders were the only thing on Bernie’s plate but, unfortunately, the evil Nazi party has begun to infiltrate Bernie’s daily life, as well. And even though the government is trying to hold on to control, the Third Reich is showing signs that they are most definitely taking over. 

As Bernie investigates and ends up knee-deep in an underground network of evil, he does find an odd bit of romance with a sarcastic make-up artist who picks him up when he feels like there’s nothing but failure in front of him. But will Bernie fail, or is this just a stepping stone in a long career ahead?  

Berlin during the time of the Third Reich’s reign is a perfect location to spotlight desperation, suspense, and death. Philip Kerr mastered both his plots and his characters, making this one thriller you do not want to miss.  

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