Review “Magic For Liars” by Sarah Gailey


By Sarah Gailey 

If this debut novel is a foreshadowing of what to expect in the future, it is no wonder that Sarah Gailey is being called “a rising star” in the field of fiction. 

In this thrilling, intelligent investigative noir, readers are introduced to Ivy Gamble. Ivy is the exact opposite of all the Harry Potter’s in the world. She was a girl born with the ability to do magic, yet she never wanted this ability to begin with. In fact, she’d rather be just your normal, everyday person. Or…would she?  

The premise of the tale is that Ivy Gamble is happy with her life; everything but her estranged twin sister, Tabitha, who also is quite gifted, is fine with Ivy. One other thing you should know, however, is that Ivy is an absolute liar.  

Tabitha, the gifted sister, is a teacher of Theoretical Magic at The Osthorne Academy of Young Mages. Ivy is a detective. She meets up with her sister once again when a murder is discovered at the Academy and Ivy is suddenly drawn in to a place of power, secrets, and the home of a murderer who may just take Ivy out next.  

These two sisters come together as Ivy not only sets her sights on finding the killer and solving the crime, but also on keeping her sister safe and somehow sparking their long-lost relationship once more.  

The scenes are thrilling, the sisters are cool, and the sharpness for fantasy writing is evident from word one. 

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