Review “Cari Mora” by Thomas Harris


By Thomas Harris 

If anyone is going to create a character or story that will scare the pants off you, this is the man who will do it. From the creator of Hannibal Lecter, this tale is all about the consequences someone must face when living with evil, greed, and the ferocity of a dark obsession. This is not a setting of a dimly-lit prison with a killer behind glass, however. Here we walk the beautiful white sand of the Miami Beach waterfront. Although it looks like paradise, it does have a history of violence.  

Beneath a mansion located on Biscayne Bay, twenty-five million dollars in cartel gold awaits the lucky one who finds it. Pablo Escobar is now dead, and will never be able to retrieve this fortune. Enter, Hans-Peter Schneider. A ruthless, intelligent nightmare, he has plans to steal the gold but, unfortunately, the young caretaker of the Escobar mansion, Cari Mora, is also looking for the loot.  

This does not change Hans-Peter’s mind. After all, being a peddler of the flesh, the plans he has for Cari are more than disturbing. His interests are macabre to the nth degree, and this complex cat-and-mouse game he must play with a very smart woman who survived many unspeakable things in her own past, not only thrills Hans-Peter, but also the people reading the words that have been penned by this master of suspense. 

These are two solid characters: A woman who will not go down without a fight versus a man who is absolutely crazy and finds himself desirous of the woman marked by war in her own country. Not since Agent Starling and Lecter have I felt that sense of respect for one another, as two characters attempt to take the other one down in a blaze of glory. And as it was with Clarice and Lecter, no reader will forget this duo anytime soon.  

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