Review “All The Way Down” by Eric Beetner


By Eric Beetner 

Dale Burnett hasn’t always made the right decision. Whether that’s taking money from mobster Tautolu Losopo (known on the street as “Tat”), or ignoring his wife when his guilt begins to weigh on him. Being a cop, it’s a heavier guilt than most would feel. It’s also one of those things that tend to catch up with you. When his double life is discovered, the dirty cop knows he’s facing hard time. If all that isn’t bad enough, his puppy dies. 

Timing is everything, of course. For Burnett that comes in the form of a kidnapped news reporter held for ransom by none other than Tat, himself. It just so happens the reporter, Lauren O’Brien, is the daughter of the mayor. With Burnett’s connection to the crime boss, the police force decides they have one gamble and that’s sending one expendable, dirty cop to plead for Lauren’s life. If he can get her out, they figure they won’t have to send in SWAT, which never ends well for anyone. Should he succeed, Dale might get a little boost when he stands in front of the judge. To do that, however, he’ll have to get to the top of a mob-owned skyscraper, rescue the reporter, and make it…All The Way Down. 

Eric Beetner spins a violent, terrific yarn in his latest book that’s sure to appeal to hardboiled crime aficionados and action lovers alike. It’s got the grit of noir fiction, shades of the film Die Hard, and just enough emotion to get you to the end. “All The Way Down” is one hell of a page-turner. 

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