Review “A Matter Of Will” by Adam Mitzner


By Adam Mitzner 

Will Matthews is a broker on Wall Street. His hope from the outset was that his career was going to make all his dreams come true. Unfortunately, that hope is laid to rest when he finds himself on the firing list.  

When things are at their darkest, a mysterious, highly wealthy man by the name of Sam Abaddon enters Will’s world. Now, landing Sam as a client will restore all of Will’s hopes. In fact, he will literally be catapulted into that luxurious world he’s always dreamed of. On top of that, Will has also found the woman of his dreams through a dating app: an attorney by the name of Gwen Lipton who just so happens to be making a name for herself as she participates in a huge murder trial. 

It seems like only a second has gone by and Will has gone from being a failure to being on top of the world. Sam invests heavily with him, changing Will’s life forever. But what changes it even more is the day he and Gwen witness a murder. 

This crime causes his new life to explode. Soon, he learns far more about the benefactor who swooped in and brought him his dreams. Will has also been placed in a harrowing position. He can tell what he knows about the criminal conduct of Sam, or keep his mouth shut and hope the penalties of law will be easier to take than the consequences of Sam’s wrath. 

“A Matter of Will” is a true drama filled with greed, murder, and courtrooms. I haven’t read a book in this category this good since Grisham delivered “The Firm.” 

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