“Knife” by Jo Nesbo


By Jo Nesbo 

Stunning. Intense. Breathtaking. Those three words could make up my entire review of “Knife,” the new Harry Hole thriller (#12 in the series) by international bestseller, Jo Nesbo, but that would be an injustice. This book is so much more.  

From page one, you will be riveted to your chair as you white-knuckle the book in your hands. You’ll be immediately drawn into the world of a killer. A killer so evil that you will feel nothing but hatred and disgust every time his name is mentioned.  

If you have yet to meet the protagonist, Harry Hole, you’ll quickly note that he encompasses the best and worst of what a protagonist should be. He is a broken man with more faults than you can count, yet he is a brilliant detective. A man lost in his own vices. You’ll meet Harry through the fog of alcohol. As the curtain of booze is pulled aside, Harry doesn’t remember much (if anything) about the night before. A snapshot in time he wishes he could retrieve.  

When Harry’s estranged wife is found murdered, Harry turns back into the brilliant detective he once was, in spite of his vices. 

The twists and turns in “Knife” are enough to make your head spin. Although this next phrase gets thrown out a lot in reviews, trust me: “You will not figure out who the true villain is until the very end.” 

Jo Nesbo has written the perfect thriller. A plot thick with intense imagery and nail-biting terror, and a protagonist so broken, you can’t help but want him to win. 

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