Get to know J.K. Franko “Eye For Eye”

Q&A with J.K. Franko

Author of crime thriller Eye for Eye


Question: How did the idea for Eye for Eye take shape?

J.K. Franko: It started out as a joke over beers. I was riding a Ducati at the time, a Sports Classic GT. It was great bike for around town, as parking in downtown Austin was free for motorcycles. But, at 1000 cc’s, I hardly ever got the thing out of third gear. I had decided to sell it, but as I’d bought it new, I was going to take a serious hit. And I hate losing money. A friend said, “Dude, dump it in the lake, report it stolen, and collect the insurance.” There was a thought! So, we walked through the idea, how someone could get away with a crime like that, eventually concluding that you couldn’t get away with it even if you wanted to – which I didn’t. But the idea of planning the perfect crime continued to intrigue me and has really played out in this book.


Question: Is this your first time writing fiction?

JKF: It is. I was on the Law Journal and recognized by the National Law Journal’s Worth Reading List, and continued writing legal and academic articles. My wife has been pushing me to write fiction for over twenty years. During that time, I have begun and/or written at least eight books. I learned a lot in the process, and Eye for Eye is the first quality product that I knew was market-ready.


Question: What makes your book different than all the thrillers on the market?

JKF: The writing is intentionally cinematic, and visual. I vividly imagine stories, characters, and scenes when I’m reading, and I did the same in writing Eye for Eye. I made a very concentrated effort to build multiple reveals into the story in a way that the plot is taking new twists to the very end of the book.


Question: What themes in your book do you think are particularly relevant in today’s culture?

JKF: Individual agency versus reliance on institutions. Motivation and choice, defining what it means to be human. Tribal connections and what it means to belong to and be part of a community versus participating in society as a whole.




J.K. Franko was born and raised in Texas in an atmosphere where what he really wanted to do in life – writing and film – were not considered legitimate jobs. His Cuban-American parents believed there were only three acceptable career paths for a male child: doctor, lawyer, and architect. After a disastrous first year of college pre-Med, he ended up getting a BA in philosophy (not acceptable), then he went to law school (salvaging the family name). Franko did pursue writing along with his legal career, and was recognized on the National Law Journal’s Worth Reading list. He later went back to school where he got an MBA, and later pursued a PhD, crossing the line from well-educated to over-educated around the turn of the century. After some prodding from his wife, Franko turned to writing fiction. He now lives with his wife and children in South Florida with their four dogs and one cat.


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Eye for Eye will be released June 22, 2019, and available wherever books are sold.




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