Review “Death Waits In The Dark” by Julia Buckley


By Julia Buckley

This is the latest (Book 4) in the awesome Writer’s Apprentice Mystery series, and is a whole lot of fun. Lena London, writer’s apprentice, once again makes a reader’s day when she’s asked by her best friend, Camilla Graham, to help her solve a murder.

Summer has come to the paradise-on-paper, Blue Lake, community. Camilla Graham, who just happens to be a bestselling suspense novelist, is working with Lena on their own endeavours. But while they’re doing so, a town villain is on the move, vandalizing anything he or she can seem to get their hands on.

An unexpected visitor arrives in Blue Lake in the form of Jane Wyland, who heads straight to Camilla in order to give her a rather strange ultimatum. Jane states that Camilla must reveal her husband James’s family secret. And if Camilla is not willing to do so, then Jane will do it herself. Camilla is not only upset but confused, and it takes Lena to calm her down and convince her that the threat this odd woman gave has no ‘legs’ to stand on. She states that James and his family are good, decent people and have absolutely no secrets to reveal.

But when Jane Wyland turns up dead, the belief that Lena and Camilla first had is a bit shaken. They are suddenly convinced that the reason this woman met her maker is because of this supposed secret that neither one of them know anything about.

Readers will love being by Lena’s side once again as she and Camilla work hard to solve this case before Camilla ends up being the main suspect in this out-of-the-blue murder. It is never a surprise that author Julia Buckley writes a winner, but hopefully 2019 will see even more entertainment coming from her creative mind and straight into her fans’ hands.

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