Review “All The Wrong Places” by Joy Fielding


By Joy Fielding

For any single person out there who is still more than a bit afraid when it comes to online dating, this book is definitely not going to be helpful for you…but it will be one heck of an entertaining ride.

Here we have four women who can claim friendship, family affiliations and rivalries between them, who all turn to online dating in order to find that perfect mate. What they find, however, is a killer who knows all about technology and is using an app to target his victims.

In his profile, the man gives himself the title: “Mr. Right Now.” He is the ultimate male “beauty.” Handsome, charming—this is one who knows he is guaranteed to get dates, have them come back to his apartment and be happy to see where the romantic evening goes. What these women don’t know is the fact that his idea of romance ends with his online date suffering an agonizing death.

Life can get a bit desperate, which is what brings these four particular women to download an app and see what happiness is just waiting out there for them to grab. Paige, her cousin Heather, her best friend, Chloe, and her own mother, Joan, are the quartet that find themselves online and at the mercy of whatever men are “typing” their way into the hearts of bored, angry, desperate women. One out of the four make a date with this killer, and the twists, turns, thrills and chills the rest have to go through in order to save her life is something readers will not want to put down until the very end.

Joy Fielding is a bestseller who consistently turns out books that are electrifying, and this thriller that’s filled with everything from jealousy to passion is just more proof that Fielding is one of the best storytellers to date.

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