Review “Untouchable” by Jayne Ann Krentz


By Jayne Ann Krentz

Jack Lancaster, a consultant to the FBI, seems to have an affinity to the cold; cold cases, that is. A fire is lit within him when it comes to solving cases that law enforcement has put away, thinking that they are completely unsolvable and not worth their time. Jack wants to uncover missteps in the justice system. He wants to make sure those accidents and suicides are not actually murder.

His deep dedication to this quest comes from the fact that Jack is a survivor. Almost losing his life in a fire, arson cases have always been something that he leans toward solving. He has not only helped family members of victims, but he has brought himself to the forefront of many conversations because of his uncanny ability to get into the mind of a killer and solve the crime. This passion has not only taken over his life, but it’s messed up his personal life as well. The only one he can talk to or go to for help is a meditation therapist by the name of Winter Meadows.

This time out, Jack must deal with one, Quinton Zane, a villain who is still very much alive. Quinton has his own agenda. He has worked hard to take control over Jack’s biological family’s hedge fund and now the man in power is working to eliminate all of the foster sons who could gain money from the fund…starting with Jack.

This is one of those cat-and-mouse thrill rides that do not end, and readers will love to delve into yet another brilliant work by Krentz. This woman continues to create some of the most suspenseful plots ever written.

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