Review “Uneasy Lies The Crown” by Tasha Alexander


By Tasha Alexander

This is the latest in the bestselling series, The Lady Emily Mysteries, and shows, yet again, how engaging the writing of Tasha Alexander is; not to mention, how exciting Lady Emily, her husband Colin, and her mysteries continue to be.

This time out, it is 1901 in Britain and a serial killer seems to have set their sights on the brand new king, Edward VII.

While on her deathbed, Queen Victoria requested a visit with Colin Hargreaves. She calls to this trusted agent of the Crown and offers him one last odd command as his Queen: “One and no more. Dare to know.” The longest-reigning monarch then heads to the heavens and the entire British Empire feels the mournful sting of losing the one they most respected.

The mourning time is cut short for Lady Emily and Colin, however, when a body is found. This is a strange sight; the body is located in the Tower of London, and instead of being a corpse simply lying there, it has actually been posed to look like the murdered medieval king, Henry VI.

But that’s not all. When a second body is suddenly found in London’s exclusive Berkeley Square, the case grows in both horror and confusion when this man’s remains are posed to look like the violent demise of Edward II. It is clear that a serial killer is afoot and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

The adventure is a cat-and-mouse, action-packed race that has your favorite characters rushing to the grisly underbelly of London. The evidence is not forthcoming and, what’s worse, there is definitely a deadline to stop this killer considering the anonymous letters threatening the king now in power that Colin keeps receiving. The gauntlet that’s thrown in this one is outstanding, and Lady Emily and Colin are pure enjoyment as readers go on this incredible ride they will never forget.

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